Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Residential Solar Panels – Are solar panels feasible for residential use?

Yes! Solar Panels are realistic for residential use and they are skyrocketing in popularity. Not only because you virtually wipe out your electric bill but because you are making an investment in true sustainable housing. Building and living in an efficient solar home is by far one of the best investments and decisions you can make.

Think of the future generations who inherit (if you will) our decisions and actions regarding earth’s environment. What if we don’t change now and our actions are of no benefit to our environment but only for selfish ways. What will their very possible future hold if we don’t change NOW?

We CAN change the future. Learn how at Earth4Energy.

“Well great, I’d love to live in a solar powered home but residential solar panels are just so darn expensive and besides, I'd rather buy a solar power kit and built it myself. I can't just whip out $5,000.“

Truth be told, solar panels can be built for much cheaper than you might think -- and better yet, most if not all of the parts can be purchased at your local hardware store. Sweet!

Let me ask you a quick question. How much to you think it will cost to build a solar panel? Seriously now think about it. Do you think residential solar panels worth the cost?

I initially thought it would cost about $1,500 to build a solar panel and the long and short term benefits are just too much to mention here. The information I discovered really surprised me. I guarantee you they are much cheaper than you think.

Find out how much DIY residential solar panels cost and how they can significantly benefit you by visiting Earth4Energy. (Free videos and vital solar panel information)